August 13, 2019

Meet Amanda! Holistic Health Practitioner, Past Life Regression Facilitator and Tarot Reader with a passion for energy healing and helping her clients find the ultimate balance. She has a passion for helping others achieve their full health potential by providing Energy Healing services such as Reiki and Chakra Clearing sessions. Energy healing is her favourite modality because it promotes healing on all levels of our being (physical, emotional, mental & spiritual).  She has 6 years’ experience as an energy healer, has just received her certification as a Past Life Regression Facilitator and is continuing to expand her knowledge by working towards becoming a trained Hypnotist so she can provide even deeper healing to her clients.

When she’s not working with clients, recording YouTube videos or developing her skills you can find her NetFlix binge watching, walking her dog, Faye, or attending concerts.

The Intuitive Wife