Intuitive Healer & Spiritual Coach Amanda Campbell of The Intuitive Wife presents:

The Visionary


Fall back in love with your business, rock your purpose & prosper

This is a potent 60 Day 1:1 immersion for female entrepreneurs who are ready to kick their doubts to the curb and grow the business of their dreams.



You’re a spiritual entrepreneur who has poured countless hours, blood, sweat and tears into your business. You’ve thrown your hands up in the air and yelled “fuck it, I give up!” more times than you can count and you don’t know how much time and energy you have left to give.


You’re burnt out and are so over taking 1 step forward and 2 steps back. You’re tired of feeling like you’ve tried everything to get your business off the ground but you can’t seem to stop spinning your wheels. If only someone could come wave their magic wand and stop you from signing up to every freebie on the planet! It’s not like they do you any good anyway.


You’ve been hitting the pavement hard for years and it’s now impossible to NOT resent your business, because it feels just as hard now as it did when you first launched it. You sometimes wonder if you should throw in the towel; maybe you’re not cut out for this. But then you feel deep in your bones this is what you’re meant to do. Your determination and passion rise to the surface and you remember your vision for the future.

Come with me, visionary vixen, to:

Get back in alignment with your purpose and passions and reclaim the excitement you once had in your business!

Propel your business forward and start earning money consistently

Heal the energetic blocks that are keeping you stuck

Communicate your message, your offers and your value with ease

Picture This...

Feel vibrant, lit-up, and in love with your business as you unlock your true purpose and shift old energetic patterns into deep peace and understanding

Create a deeply fulfilling business and work/life balance that leaves you feeling rich, nourished, and supported on all levels. Your inner light is beaming, you have your sparkle back and the world looks brighter. You know your place in the world and have ditched playing small and got back into the driver’s seat. You are the boss again and it feels incredible.

Break free of the chains keeping you trapped in living small, and step into a powerful creatrix who attracts limitless opportunities, experiences, and abundance. No more playing small or hiding in the closet as you shift into a woman who owns her voice and shares her message and vision with the world—shame, guilt, and embarrassment FREE!

Transform your energy from attracting lack and become aligned with high money vibes that’ll see an abundance of cash and dream clients flow in with divine ease. Bury the poverty princess who tells you making money is hard and life is meant to be a struggle, and shift into a Goddess who attracts clients and money so easily that it’s fun!

Earn money consistently and master your cash flow as you master your energy, divine visionary. Slay your sabotage as you see exactly what needs to happen next and you manifest it with ease, to keep your bottom line and service growing!


So grab yours now because it will sell out, 


What You Get In

The Visionary Vixen

1 x 120 Minute Past Life Regression Session

This includes a Past Life Regression session followed by coaching to discuss blocks and how to release and move forward

Total Value: $ 2,000

2 x 30 Minute Chakra Clearing Session

To clear your existing energetic blocks to manifesting your desires

Total Value: $ 1,000

2 x 60 Minute coaching/mindset sessions

To clear your existing mindset blocks to manifesting your desires

Total Value: $ 2,000

1 x 30 Minute Sound Healing Session

Relax your body and quiet your mind to prepare for the massive transformation that is about to take place

Total Value: $ 500

1 x 30 Minute Biz Energy Assessment

Energetically tune into the Soul of your business & hear what it’s asking you to do

Total Value: $ 500


Pay In Full Bonus:

+ 1 x 90 Minute Deep Dive Session
Together we will intuitively map out your next Launch or 1:1 program

1 Downloadable Chakra Meditation & Clearing

Clear your energetic blocks in between sessions to speed your growth

Bonus Value: $ 1,750

Investment: $ 2,997 

Payment Plan: 2 Payments of $1,723
4 Payments of $899

Client Wins

Just had a session with Amanda Campbell. In a very short time, she got deep… I can’t believe the things that are coming into my mind and out my tear ducts… but I’m doing what she said to do and I really feel a difference. If you have any kind of blocks, See her.

Cheri M

I’ve been dealing with an issue for years. I asked some high paid coaches who did not know an answer. Amanda removed a block and today I had an epiphany. I spent years of my life looking for an answer but asked the wrong question. Did I mention already? DO IT! I hope she still has spots available…

Marlene K

Holy Shit!!! I just had an incredible session with Amanda Campbell  and I am BEYOND impressed, I feel lighter, brighter and I’m thinking clearer. I was being weighed down by some incredible life stressors and I have this sense of peace that I have been needing so badly! …If you need ANY help moving past something that is making you feel “stuck” reach out to Amanda, you will NOT be disappointed Thank you again!!!

Julia E 

Why Work With Me

I’ve been where you are right now. I’ve felt stuck and frustrated and have seriously considered closing the doors to my business for good. But my drive and passion wouldn’t let me stop. I know with every fiber of my being that I’m meant to work with spiritual women to bust through their energetic blocks and finally have the business of their dreams. I was so done with feeling drained and allowing my business to suck the life out of me. Being an anxious, burnt out mess doesn’t serve anyone. 


It’s safe to say I’ve broken free from the energies and mindset blocks that were keeping me trapped in living small, and have claimed my power as the potent creatrix that I am.  It really is possible to have the life and business of your dreams. Imagine waking up each morning and actually being excited to start your day! It’s time to finally release the overwhelm and be empowered and take total ownership of who you are and what you want in life. Stop playing small and embody your soul purpose. Join me on your journey to become a Visionary Vixen


Not Every Coach...

Will have real world 8+ years' proven experience in applying the techniques they teach

Has the ability to incorporate Energy, Mindset & Intuitive Development into her programs

Has improved her health and her relationships by developing her intuition and learning how to listen to her body - and helps her clients do the same!

Allows her intuition and training in multiple modalities to guide her in each session with her clients

Will uncover your inner warrior priestess and provide you with the perfect combination of support, deep empathy and tough love you need to have soul breakthroughs and release energetic blocks

Will empower you to disown the feelings of being lost, hopeless and frustrated so you can stand firm in your rock solid confidence and soul alignment

About Me

Amanda Campbell is the founder and CEO of The Intuitive Wife, and  the creator of transformational  programs like The Vibrant Vixen.  Amanda is on a mission to empower women to to release their energetic blocks and rise up into their power and live their soul purpose. 

Amanda’s soothing presence and her perfect combination of support, deep empathy and tough love, allows her clients to let down their walls and truly dive into the powerful, divine, kickass women that they are meant to become. 

Using the principles she teaches, Amanda went from feeling completely stuck and hopeless to becoming a CEO of a thriving business. Over the past few years, Amanda has passed on her knowledge of mindset and the metaphysical which have inspired her clients globally.

The Intuitive Wife