Meditation is hard
June 1, 2020

Why you suck at Meditation

If you suck at meditation then then this is a blog post you’re going to want to read. I’ll go over some common misconceptions about Meditation, and suggest styles in which you can easily (and realistically) apply meditation to your day to day life.

Meditation is great for SO MAY amazing things like:

– Helping you develop your intuition

– Develop better self awareness 

– Calm you body and mind making sleep easier to come by and more solid

– Reduces stress and anxiety

– And also aids in getting started with automatic writing

Part of my wants to say “Meditation doesn’t have to be hard” and although it’s true, I also know how difficult it can be to agree with that statement when you’ve been trying to make meditation work for you and you’re ready to give up out of frustration

Notice how I said “make meditation work for you”? Let me just remind you if you’re getting started with meditation, or if you’re new to this spiritual journey, it’s way too EASY to allow our ego’s to get in the way. For a long time, I didn’t even realize my ego was calling the shots and having it in the driver’s seat is one of the main reasons why I became from frustrated with meditation.

Our egos are so dominant when we’re trying something new and it absolutely increases the likelihood of getting frustrating beyond belief in a matter of seconds

Want to know why you suck at meditation but don't have time to read the blog now? No problem! Save it for later!

It’s easy to be meditating and to start judging yourself because a thought popped in your head when you’re supposed to be thinking of nothing, or following the guided meditation that you’re listening to. But it’s absolutely human nature for your brain to think. It might not be the most convenient time for it to have that thought.

I remember being so hard on myself when I first started meditating. But just like everything else I do, I have high expectations. If you’re just getting started, please release all expectations, it’s truly going to make things SO much easier for you. And please remember, some days are easier than others. If you start a meditation today and you just can’t focus, it doesn’t mean you can never meditate again, it just means your mind is having a harder time quieting down than usual OR you haven’t found the right meditation style for you (or both!).

That’s right, I said meditation STLYE. Meditation is more than sitting completely straight chanting Om. I honestly had no idea that there were different kinds of meditation styles when I was first getting started, I seriously thought that Monk level meditation was the only way to be. 

With that being said, check out the video below to learn more about the 4 most common Meditation styles to help you suck less at meditation.

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