Why you feel stuck and what to do about it.
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May 13, 2020

Why you feel stuck and what to do about it.

Hi love,

Feeling stuck? It happens to the best of us. When we’re assessing our careers, our community, our friendships, our daily habits. We know and feel like something is off but can’t quite seem to put our finger what it is.

I’ve been there so I absolutely know how you’re feeling. 

The good news is you don’t need to stay stuck forever.️🎉 I went live in my Facebook group last week to talk about How to cultivate your dream life after feeling beat down… Why you feel stuck and what to do about it. I had so much fun empowering women to step into their power and own their shit!

It’s time ladies, to let go of the beliefs and mindset that no longer serve you and to finally live the life you want to live. Check out the replay, and if you enjoyed it and want to see more of this kind of content, then be sure to join my Facebook group, The Spiritual Apprentice, where I’ll be going live every single week!

A few other exciting things happened last week. 🍾

For starters, I officially ended the ability to purchase one off sessions from me. 😲 My wonderful clients who would receive their healing session loved every second of it, but there wasn’t a whole lot of long term growth. And if you’re going to invest your time and money, it might as well be for something long lasting, right?

So with that being said, if you would like to work with me in the future you will be able to choose from 
🌟 a) A healing & coaching package 
🌟 b) an e-course
and more to come on these later…

Honestly, that was a big move for me because I’ve been offering one off sessions (Chakras, Past Life Regression, Reiki) for YEARS! Accepting the fact that that chapter was officially done was sooooo freeing and really, at the end of the day, I’m here to serve YOU. I didn’t feel right offering products that didn’t provide you with the highest level of value and growth.🙃

Speaking of value… check out my newest YouTube video (below) which is all about Oracle cards.💫 If Oracle cards is something that you’ve been struggling with, then you’re not going to want to miss this! I go over ALL the basics including some go-to spreads that I’d highly recommend you try out. If you try them be sure to tag me @TheIntuitiveWife on Instagram so I can join in on the fun! 📸

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