Examples of Self Care
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July 14, 2019

What is Self Care?

Self-Care has definitely been a buzz word lately. Bloggers and Vloggers and Coaches and pretty much anyone on the internet are referring to Self-care like it’s going out of style and although I don’t think that buzz word is going away any time soon, I will agree that it’s important.



It’s important because life is all about balance. We can’t keep giving and giving and going and going because it will lead to burn out. In a lot of cases things like a cold or flu and sudden injury is a sign that it’s time to slow down and take care of yourself, because when you continue to ignore the messages from the universe, it will hit you with the message harder and harder until it knocks you out (sometimes quite literally).

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The thing about self-care is that it’s been engrained in us that it’s a luxury. It’s not that Self-Care is a luxury it’s that it should be a priority and a necessity. We are always so go, go, go that we start to believe if we slow down or stop to take time out for ourselves, and we’re not doing something “productive” like cleaning the house, working, going grocery shopping. Or that we’re being lazy or selfish. Self-Care and Laziness do NOT go hand in hand.



What is self-care? When I first started hearing this I automatically assumed it was referring to our physical health. Caring for our bodies by napping, taking a bath etc but the reality is that Self-Care is so much more than that. Yes it involves taking care of our physical bodies but we are more than just our physical bodies, it’s also about taking care of our mental state, our emotional state, our spiritual state.



Examples Of Self Care

  • Physical
    • Gym / light stretching
    • Bath
    • Massage / Chiro / Osteopath – some type of balance and relaxation to your body
    • Eating well – this does not mean dieting but eating nutritious balanced meals
  • Mental / Emotional
    • Journaling
    • Gratitude
    • Meditation
    • Manifesting exercises
    • Walk outside – grounding and relieves stress
  • Spiritual 
    • Whatever feels good to you!
    • Go to church, read the bible, pray (if that’s your thing)
    • Go to a spiritual church
    • Feeling witchy? Do something that feels fun to you – re-decorate your altar
    • Pull out your cards and talk to your angels and guides

How Often should you incorporate Self-Care? In my opinion – as often as you can! Personally, I try to incorporate 20-30 minutes a day! Whether it’s taking some time to journal in the morning, or taking a bit of a longer shower before bed, or doing a face scrub. Anything to take some time out for myself.

What’s your favourite self-care activity? Let me know in the comments!

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