What is Reiki
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August 19, 2019

What is Reiki?

I recently did a YouTube video on Reiki (scroll to the bottom to check it out) but I try to keep my video’s short and sweet and after thinking about it, I realized I may not have included as much information as I had originally planned. I’m not going to lie, I like to keep my blogs short too, we all got shit to do and nobody wants to sit there scrolling for 30 minutes reading someone else’s ramblings. 
Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) is a gentle, hands-on energy healing that originated in Japan. If you think about it, it’s our natural reaction to care for our bodies when we’re hurt and we tend to tend to our bodies in the same way a Reiki practitioner would. If you burn your finger or stub your toe, what is the first thing you do? You automatically grab it with your hand. Or if there are any Family Guy fans out there, then I’m sure you know the scene where Peter falls on the sidewalk and rocks back and forth holding his knee and sucking in his breath. 
In a way Reiki is very similar to this action. The Reiki practitioner rests their hands on your joints and areas that cause you discomfort. They are a conduit for the Universal energy and are directing the energy into your body to remove any energetic blockages within your body. 

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I like to explain Reiki as a river. If you picture a steady stream of water and imagine it is y our energy field, what happens to the water if a tree falls over or there is a very large boulder within the water? The water still flows but it gets built up when there is a blockage in it’s way. This is similar to how your energy field works. Do you have that knee that always gives you a hard time? Imagine that as being the boulder in your stream of energy. Once the Reiki practitioner works on your knee, they are essentially removing or reducing the size of the boulder to allow the energy to flow more smoothly, which also reduces the pain and discomfort you’ve been experiencing in your knee. 
Just like anything else in this world, Reiki is not an overnight miracle cure. You will not go into a Reiki session feeling like complete garbage and come out of it feeling like a million bucks for the rest of your life, that’s just not practical. Can you start to see immediate results? Absolutely! Will it cure every single ailment you have and promise it will never return? um… no, sorry to break it to you. But I’m not kidding when I say you can start to see immediate results!
I perform in person energy healing sessions here in the Greater Toronto Area and I get a lot of great feedback from the clients I see. A few weeks ago I saw an older lady who looked like she was hurtin’ (I really do mean that in the nicest way possible). After speaking to her she’d shared with me that she’d had surgeries, injuries and car accidents. Unfortunately this is all pretty typical but when it goes untreated, these kind of things continue to build up in our bodies causing more pain the older we get. 
This lady was lovely (and probably one of my favourites). She’d never had a Reiki session before but was intrigued. After 30 minutes of being on my table she sat up and told me her knee felt SO much better and her shoulder were much less tense. She went on to tell me about all the sensations she felt at each part of her body. She hadn’t even gotten off the table and she was already talking about booking her next appointment, she was feeling that great!
Another woman I met recently was very skeptical of Reiki and energy healing as a whole. I convinced her to give me 10 minutes of her time and allow me to give her a mini session. That day she was struggling with pain in her foot and admitted after the session that she had carpal tunnel. After TEN minutes she told me she could feel her entire foot vibrating (gently) while I was working in that area and she suddenly started moving her wrist around in circles. This is when she told me she suffers from carpal tunnel and admitted she felt ZERO pain in her wrist. Did I cure her carpal tunnel? No, but the fact that it had been a recurring problem and I was able to provide her with some relief, is a win in my books.

What Does Reiki Feel Like?

When the practitioner performs a Reiki session it’s quite common for the client to experience tingling, warmth, or buzzing within their bodies. Some people also experience a weight lifted from the part of their body once the practitioner moves on to the next area. Reiki is actually an extremely relaxing experience and the majority of people who get on my table fall asleep within minutes. Our bodies heal fastest when it’s at it’s most relaxed state. Unfortunately we’re always so busy with day to day life that our bodies rarely fall into that relaxed state unless we’re sleeping…. and let’s face it, most of us don’t get enough of that either. 

A room that Reiki is performed in is usually dimly lit and includes items that reflect the practitioners personality. It could be crystals, posters of chakras, salt lamps, buffalo drums, or anything else they feel will add to the relaxing vibe. As a client you will lay fully clothed on a massage table and there are usually blankets and pillows handy  to add to the relaxation. If you fall asleep, or let yourself relax with your eyes closed, it’s also not uncommon to see images or swirls of colours in your minds eye. 

Are there any side effects to receiving Reiki?

Technically, no.  Reiki complements all medicines and therapies / modalities BUT I would like to mention one thing. SOME people experience a little bit of dizziness or light headedness immediately after a session (please be sure to communicate this with your practitioner!). I’ve also heard of people not feeling so hot a few hours after their session is complete, like upset stomach or headaches, nothing too major but it does on occasion happen. 


What are the Benefits of Reiki?

The most obvious benefits are:

Reduces stress and anxiety 
Helps with Insomnia 
Relieves or reduces pain in the body (old injuries, back pain, headaches, you name it)

But there are many other benefits to receiving Reiki, such as:

Improve overall well-being (body, mind and spirit)
Helps remove the body of toxins
Relieve emotional stress
Assists with infertility, menstruation or issues during menopause
Relieves digestive issues or upsets
Boosts mood 

Energy healing is my favourite modality because it promotes healing on all levels of our being (physical, emotional, mental & spiritual). It’s gentle and relaxing and most importantly it works! I wouldn’t rave about it if I haven’t experienced or witnessed it myself first hand. 

If you would like to book a distance Reiki session with me, please click here to be redirected to my Shop page. The best part about distance Reiki is that you still receive all the benefits and don’t need to take time out of your day!

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