October 1, 2019

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What is Psychometry?

I thought I would start this series with Psychometry (aka Clairtangency) because I believe it’s a great “entry-level” Clair for those who are just learning to develop their abilities. In my opinion Clairtangency forces you to use other clairs in order to give an accurate reading, but I’ll get more into that later.


Fun fact: Psychometry / Clairtangency has also been called open-object reading & psychoscopy


I learned a little bit about Psychometry in school while I was studying to be a Holistic Health Practitioner. At the time there was no explanation as to what it was or what it was used for, just pretty much how to do it.


I don’t remember much about that class but I do remember that something had happened to force me to miss taking that class with my peers and I had to take it with another group of people. People I’d never met. As an introvert, I’m sure you can imagine just how overjoyed I was. We each had to go to the front of the class with another classmate’s personal object and “read” it. Nothing like feeling like you’re being thrown into the deep end by being given a random object and being told to share what impressions you were getting in a room full of random people.

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Recently I borrowed a book off a friend simply based on the title, not even realizing it was about Clairtangency. I mean who else can refuse grabbing a book titled “How To Do Psychic Readings Through Touch“? I’m not quite sure what I was expecting but I know I was drawn to it for a reason. So far, it’s honestly been the best book I’ve ever read on Psychometry.


Ted Andrews, the author of How To Do Psychic Readings Through Touch, explains Psychometry as “soul measuring”. He says “It is the ability to read part or all of an object’s history or the history of people who may have handled it. While Psychometry deals most often with the past, it may often reflect present time as well”.


Essentially the concept behind Psychometry is that a person’s energy has infused or imprinted their personal item (like a child’s blanket) and the reader can pick up on the energy when they hold the item. That would make sense as to why some psychic’s will need to hold a child’s item when they’re assisting with a missing children’s case. They’re getting as much of the energy as they possibly can.

According to Ted Andrews, there are a few different ways you can read an object:

  1. Hold the object in your hand
  2. Placed against the forehead / face
  3. Placed against the solar plexus

In my experience it’s best to hold the object in your left hand as this is the “receiving” hand (Right hand is giving). When doing so, focus on the object and it’s energy and see what you pick up. You may get the person’s name, sensations, images… Psychometry can be developed, just like any other Clair, all it takes is practice.


Exercises To Develop Clairtangency

Some psychics recommend that you keep a journal of all the images you receive and your associations with them. You may associate a red balloon with a children’s birthday party but someone else may associate it with  possibilities or clowns (hello, have you not seen IT?). Keeping a journal like this is a great way to keep the impressions you get all in one place, at least until you’re able to remember what each of your symbols mean to you. It’s also good to look back on if you come across an image you haven’t seen in quite a while.

When choosing an item to read it’s about choosing something that was worn or used often. The most common items to use are watches, rings and necklaces because it’s common for them to be worn daily, therefore ensuring the owners energy has infused the object. It’s also been said that metal objects tend to hold more energy.

It’s important to relax and ground yourself before any reading. If you’re feeling floaty or high strung, it’s going to be extremely difficult to pick up anything from the objects or to differentiate your energy from the other persons’. Like all intuitive abilities, you may feel like you’re making things up. Trust in the impressions you’re receiving. Don’t question or judge anything. Also, in my experience, everything is more effective when you’re in your Sacred Space as that’s where you’re most at peace


Before you start reading an object, wash your hands with soap and water then dry. Rub the palms of your hands together (once you’ve dried your hands) to get the energy flowing. Holding your palms together (think Namaste), slowly pull your hands apart until you start to feel the energy in between your hands. This can feel like tingling, a heavy feeling, or maybe “sticky”. You may need to do this a few times. Once you’ve started to feel the energy in between your palms, go ahead and grab an object.

  1. Many psychics will suggest beginners to start out reading the object of a friend, that way you can immediately get feedback on your reading. Personally, I have a hard time reading for people who I’m close to. So if you try this, don’t be discouraged if you don’t get any impressions off the object. It’s also important to get your feedback after you’ve completed your reading on the object for two reasons. The first is so it doesn’t through you off track, it can be hard in the beginning to get back in the zone, if someone brings you out of it. The second is because you don’t want to risk their feedback discouraging you if you aren’t completely accurate.

  2. Have a friend lay 2 or 3 objects out on a table or counter and turn your back towards them or leave the room so you can’t see them. Have your friend pick up one of the objects, without telling you which one, and hold it for about a minute. Ask your friend to imagine they are putting all their energy into the one item in their hand. After they’ve done this have them put the item back on the table or counter. Walk over to the objects and pick up each object. You may be able to feel the one that was recently picked up by your friend because it’s just been infused with fresh energy.

If you’re struggling to get impressions you can try to prompt answers by asking yourself questions about the owner such as:

  • Who owns this?
  • What do/did they look like?
  • What is/was their personality like?
  • Is the owner living or in spirit?
  • What are some major life events this person has experienced?
  • What emotions am I feeling from this object?

I like to think of Psychometry and being the best place to start for those who are just learning to develop their abilities and that’s because Psychometry forces you to use other abilities at the same time. For example, one of the prompts above asked What do/did they look like, when you see the person in your mind’s eye, you’re now exercising your Clairvoyance. Or you may here the person’s name triggering your Clairaudience


Have you started to develop your Clairtangency abilities? What has your experience been like? Do you have any tips for someone who is just getting started?



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