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June 15, 2020

What is a Business Energy Assessment?

Have you ever heard of a Business Energy Assessment? This can be done in many different ways but it’s based around the fact that your business has its own energy. Your dog has its own energy, you have your energy, and so does your business. It is an entity after all. It requires certain things from you in order to succeed, which is one of the reasons you may be struggling to grow and prosper in your business.


Let’s look at a few different ways a Biz Energy Assessment can be performed:

1. Akashic Records

Like I said, your business is an entity meaning it has its own fate and destiny as well. Although it may be a bit of a stretch to think about your business having its own akashic record, I can promise you, it does. The easiest way to explain an akashic record is a library of every single soul on this planet (and beyond). In this library, there are tons of massive books that explain each soul or entity and describes all its past experiences as well as the future road it will follow, should it continue on the same path.

I won’t get too much into Akashic records in this post, but there are quite a few people online who specifically offer Business Akashic readings. The intention is to explain the current state of the business, and it’s potential.

2. Tarot or Card  Reading

It’s not unusual for you to get a Tarot reading for yourself, whether it’s for relationships, career/biz, or general guidance. There’s no reason why a card reading can’t be performed on your business as well. In fact, this is something I’ve started doing quite regularly. It can be quite humorous to listen to the voice and attitude of a growing business as it explains the struggles it’s facing working with its creator (aka you).

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3. Tuning into the energy

This is pretty similar to doing a distance Reiki or Chakra alignment. The practitioner tunes into your energetic body and provides healing on a soul and energetic level. The same can be done for your business. The person performing the energy assessment would tap into the energy of your business and share with you the impressions they receive

I’ve both performed and received Business Energy Assessments and I find them to be pretty interesting! When I provide Biz Energy Assessments I tend to rely on the business to guide me to the information that I need so every assessment looks super unique.


My 1:1 clients in my Visionary Vixen 60 day program receive a biz energy assessment as part of their package. One thing I did NOT want this program to be was “just another biz coaching program”. This program is primarily built around the energetic blocks that are holding you back in your business. That means working with both your own energy and that of your business.

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I think it’s safe to say that all Spiritual Entrepreneurs know that a blocked chakra can affect them in some way: relationship issues, poor self-esteem, low back pain, headaches (the list seriously goes on and on) but it’s rare to discuss the fact that your blocked chakras not only affect you on all levels (mental, spiritual, emotional & physical) but also from a business perspective as well.

For example, If you’re struggling with feeling secure in your business, having a solid foundation and earning a consistent income, there’s a VERY good chance that’s a Root Chakra imbalance.

Having a hard time communicating your message with ease or having the confidence in asking for the sale? Chakra Imbalance (and most likely a touch of mindset as well).

If you’re struggling and want to feel vibrant, lit-up and in love with your business again then click here to book a call. Let’s have a chat about your business and where you’r struggling and I’ll provide you with an energy assessment to pinpoint where you’re energetic blocks are. 

Slay your sabotage as you see exactly what needs to happen next and you manifest it with ease, to keep your bottom line and service growing! Book now, spots are limited. 

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