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August 30, 2020

The Truth About Sales

Isn’t it interesting that money has a bad rep? What did money ever do to us to make us hate on it so much?


When I first started my business I hated talking about money. I felt gross around the cost of my services, and when I shared the cost with a potential client and they hesitated for even a second, I’d immediately give them a discount. Oh, and if they decided to tip me, well cue the awkwardness.


Talk about Money Mindset Blocks right?

A lot of us have this belief that money is evil, or having or even wanting money makes us greedy. And as a spiritual entrepreneur it’s like we feel EXTRA guilty for accepting or asking for money.

And let’s be real, as an entrepreneur, you NEED money to survive.

Our issues around money can literally make or break our business. And what’s interesting is a lot of people think money and sales go hand in hand.

But the sales isn’t the hard part. And how sales got the reputation of being sleazy, I will never understand. It’s not sales itself that we have an issue with, it’s asking or receiving the money that makes us feel icky.

If you’re struggling with money or sales then you’re definitely not going to want to miss this #RealTalk video, where  I talk about the truth about sales. Because money itself is not evil. Sales is not hard. It’s our perspective and attitude towards money that eff us up.

And remember it’s more than our mindset around money that messes us up. It’s also our Chakras and Past Lives. Energy plays a HUGE part in us as entrepreneurs and how we run our business. If your energy is out of alignment, it’s going to be very obvious in your business as well.

After you’ve watched the video be sure to let me know in the comments… would you charge the $20 for the book? And if no, why?


AND if you’re looking for your copy of the Soul Alignment Road Map that I mention in the video, you can grab it here!

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