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May 11, 2018

The Importance of Having A Sacred Space

I grew up as an only child, so having my own space was never a problem. After getting married and moving in with my husband I realized how much I took having a quiet space for granted. As the years went by and I realized that I was an intuitive and an empath, I started to understand the importance of having a sacred space. Someplace I could go to to enjoy the peace and quiet and be left alone. At first I felt guilty about needing a space of my own, there were many insecurities that came up. Was I a terrible person? Because it felt like I needed the space just so I could escape from my husband. But that wasn’t true at all.

My hubby is my best friend, we are very alike yet so different in so many ways. One of the main differences I notice is that he loves to be surrounded by noise. He can watch Youtube videos and listen to music all day long while having the tv on in the background. I’m exactly the opposite. Noise makes me crazy. The longer I can enjoy a peaceful house, the happier I am. I even have days where I turn the radio off in the car just because I need a break. Honestly, needing to escape the noise is one of the main reasons I find I need a sacred space.

I’ve moved a lot in the past so having a sacred space hasn’t always come easy, and it’s always looked different depending on where I live. In my current house, my sacred space is my office. I can be alone and type, I have Crystals both on display and tucked away ready at a moment’s notice. I have my Tarot cards and candles. It’s an unspoken rule to just leave me alone when I’m in that room. Sometimes I’m even lucky enough to have some quiet time on my comfy couch in the living room if my husband sleeps in enough on the weekend. 

A sacred space can be whatever and wherever you want it to be. It can be a room in your house, a corner in your backyard, a spot under a tree at the park. This is meant to be a space that makes you happy. A place that is peaceful and helps you to decompress and center yourself. And, if you’re like me, a place to escape the noise.


Do you have a sacred space? Where is it and what does it look like? I’d really love to know!

shoutout to unsplash-logoNathan Dumlao for this great picture

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