Acknowledging Feelings
October 4, 2019

The Importance of Acknowledging Your Feelings

When I had first talked about this in my Facebook group The Spiritual Apprentice, Pluto had stationed direct and was causing a whole lot of havoc but this information still applies. Do you have days where you wake up feeling angry, resentful, hopeless and just overall craptacular? Then keep reading….


We all have those days where we wake up feeling TERRIBLE and there isn’t always an easy explanation for it. Just because you feel like crap doesn’t mean you have to continue to feel like crap. There are TONS of things you can do to raise your vibe and get you out of your funk…. And I’ll share that with you in another post. Today’s post is about how to handle the days where you’re feeling so low you don’t think you can get yourself out. 


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Rock bottoms will teach you lessons that mountain tops never will. When we think of what we want for our life do we actually think of what it's going to take to get there? Or are we so focused on reaching our end goal that we block out what the journey will be like? Today is one of those days for me where the journey is winning. In this moment, my end goal or my next step is not my focus. My focus is what I'm going through or feeling today and how I'm going to overcome it. Being an energy healer i know that "pushing through" it is not the answer. Because even if I end up feeling better later on today or tomorrow, I did not face whatever this is head on. So in honour of yesterday's #cardoftheday which was all about shining the light on the darkness, even when it's dark, scary and intimidating, its something that needs to be done. Today is my day to sit with whatever is coming up for me. And yes it effing sucks! It's hard, its vulnerable and it's really friggen uncomfortable. But it's also necessary. Necessary for growth, necessary for up leveling, necessary for clarity, necessary to reach my destination. The journey isn't always fun but it's what teaches you the life lessons and helps shape who you're meant to be. So if you're feeling rock bottom today, know that this is a lesson. Something that needs to be experienced not ignored. Sit with it, befriend it, shine the light on it, and then let it go. Because every rock bottom brings you one step closer to that mountain top you've been dreaming of.

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When I posted that on Instagram I was feeling like garbage. I woke up feeling low energy, angry, crying, resentful, hopeless, and other feelings I haven’t even been able to pinpoint yet. I was preparing myself for a day full of self- loathing and wallowing. Except that’s not how the rest of my day went…
If your Social Media feed is anything like mine, then there are tons of posts about manifesting, gratitude, and being high vibe. And don’t get me wrong, I love it. But when you feel like you’ve reached an all time low it’s hard to think about things like gratitude, and honestly, being grateful isn’t always the answer.
To me, when someone responds with gratitude it feels like a flaky response. There is a time and a place for gratitude, but when you’re at that low point are you really sitting there feeling confident when you say “I’m so grateful that I’m feeling so shitty & angry”? No. I highly doubt it. And if you are, and you mean it, I seriously want to know your trick.
The thing is (and I know I’m going to sound so cliché here) but life is a journey. We get SO focused on our end goal, whether that’s the big fancy house, or the dream job, or the perfect life. We are so determined we experience tunnel vision.
But the thing about journey’s is that they’re both high and low. They’re rocky, they’re steep, and they’re windy. And if  you’re reading this then you’ve probably experienced one of those low’s at least once.


The unfortunate part is those low’s are necessary. Let’s pretend your goal was to be a Millionaire but you’re working at Burger King. What are the chances you’ll be a millionaire and an employee at Burger King at the same time? Pretty freaking unlikely.


To reach that millionaire status things are going to have to change. Things in your life and yourself as a person.


When you reach those low points on your journey, that is the opportunity for growth.


It’s when your current energy isn’t aligning with what you’re meant to do / be / have. It’s when you need to let go of that which is no longer serving you and make changes to reach the next stage. These don’t have to be huge changes, you probably shouldn’t go ahead and quit working at BK, but you can make subtle shifts. Maybe that shift is applying to that new supervisor position that just came up.


I really can’t tell you what that shift is without knowing your situation but I hope you’re at least able to see the point I’m trying to make.


So you see, when you’re at this point when you need to make a shift, is sitting there writing out 100 things you’re grateful for going to be the answer? Probably not.


What do you do when you’re feeling shitty?


Acknowledge it.


Sit with it


Try to Understand it


Befriend it


Because if it’s one thing I’ve learned as an energy healer it’s this: If we don’t face our trauma’s and heal our wounds, they’re just doing to keep coming back.


And if your best friend showed up at your front door balling, would you slam the door in her face? No. You would bring her inside, make her a tea (or stiff drink), hug her, sit next to her, and talk it out with her.


Be your own best friend.


It’s so important when you’re feeling in your low point to acknowledge it, even if you don’t understand what it is or why it’s there.


Think of your energy as a toddler. Sometimes a toddler throws a tantrum and you just need to leave them when they cry and scream right? But sometimes they need one thing to feel better, love. They just need a hug and a kiss and someone to acknowledge that they’re there and are hurting (or tired, or hungry or whatever).


Treat your low points and these times of growth like a toddler that needs some attention.


Because when you don’t acknowledge it and shine the light on it, it’s just going to keep coming back. And if you’re on a journey of growth, how are you going to grow if you don’t learn the lessons that you’re continually being faced with?


I’m not going to lie to you, acknowledging it is not always easy. Sometimes it makes it worse. Meaning, we cry more, get more angry and confused. And that’s okay. The important part is not to “push through it”. This article does a great job of summarizing how to allow, accept & feel our emotions. 

We are so conditioned to be on our A game, to hide our feelings, to show up and put on a brave face. Well that’s not what being human is all about. But I get the struggle, I deal with it myself sometimes too.


We have to remember that it’s okay to not be okay all the time.


We’re living in a society that is so persistent on doing. But in times like these, it’s more important to BE than to DO.

How To Overcome The Low Points

Here are some suggestions for overcoming the low points, and acknowledging your feelings and energy: 
  1. Tune In – Tune in to yourself and try to identify what you’re feeling. If you can, try and find the root cause (and if you can’t that’s okay!). There is no hurry to do this, take as long as you need.

  2. Kundalini Yoga – This form of Yoga is so gentle and honestly my favourite type of Yoga. It’s done in a seated position at all times and it’s about breathwork. Some people experience huge emotional shifts. When I first tried it a few weeks ago, I literally cried my way through half of it. But I didn’t judge it, it’s something that needed to happen…. Which brings me to my next point

  3. No Judgement – Don’t judge yourself! It’s so easy when we feel uncomfortable for us to judge ourselves. What you’re experiencing is completely okay! Let whatever is coming up for to come up without judgement.

  4. Break Out Your Toolbox – Your metaphysical toolbox that is ;). On days like this where you need a little extra support, don’t forget about the little things that can make you feel better. Break out your crystals, your card, your journal, whatever feels good for you. If you’re breaking out your crystals, I strongly recommend the Rose Quartz since it’s the stone of self love & compassion.

  5. Meditate – Alright, don’t panic just because I said the word Meditate, and don’t let your eyes glaze over either. There are LOTS of different ways to meditate. I’m not telling you to sit there and clear your mind while chanting OM (unless that feels good to you). You can sit there and just do deep breathing exercises, you can find some great guided meditations (check out YouTube or for some great freebies). There’s also walking meditation where you’re literally just walking around outside, taking in the breeze, listening to the birds chirping, just being one with nature.

  6. Self Care The Shit Out Of Yourself – Remember when I said to be your own best friend? That means taking care of yourself on ALL levels – physical, emotional, spiritual etc. What does self care mean to you? Is it a nice long bubble bath? Is it making a delicious salad for dinner? Is it laying under a cozy blanket snuggling with your dog/cat/bird/guinea pig/ goat? It’s days like this where we need EXTRA love. You know yourself best, trust yourself if you’re being guided to amp up the TLC.

  7. No Distractions – Sitting in your discomfort is TOUGH! It’s not fun by any means. But it still needs to be dealt with. For the love of god, do not spend every waking second binge watching Netflix. Netflix will not make the pain go away. Tuning into yourself, trusting yourself, loving yourself, taking care of yourself, THAT is what will make the pain go away. It might not be immediate, but it’s a process and I promise you there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

  8. Choose Your Colours Wisely – This kind of ties into self care….but doesn’t at the same time lol. If you’re hanging out at home in your sweats and haven’t showered for 3 days, get up right now and take a shower and put on clean clothes. If putting on makeup makes you feel better, then by all means. If you are laying there moping around wearing all black and you can’t remember the last time you wore something colourful, go change. Immediately.

    Colour is energy. This could be as simple as grabbing a pink or green shirt to awaken your heart chakra or it could be tossing on your favourite pair of booty shorts just cuz they make you feel sexy. This might not help you with acknowledging your energy, but it will make you feel even a smidgen better, which raises your energy. And that’s a good thing. (Did you picture Martha Stewart there like I did?)

    Did you find this blog post helpful? Or maybe you have some tips for others on acknowledging your energy? Share in the comments below!

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