How To Slow Down
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October 28, 2018

How To Slowwwww Dowwwnnnn

Hello lovelies,

“Stop and Smell The Roses”, you’ve heard it a million times. But when is the last time you truly just stopped. Stopped to enjoy your surroundings, stopped to take a breath and be grateful for the present moment, stopped and just enjoy the quiet? It’s nothing new when I say that no one has any time and our day to day lives is so go, go, go. But what if it didn’t have to be that way? What if we could just slow down and take it all in?
One way to slow it down is to pick and choose your commitments wisely. If you’re volunteering for something because you feel you have to, that’s going to zap your energy. The universe gives us what we put out. So if we’re always attending events that we’re half-assing, the universe is going to continue to offer us opportunities to attend and continue to half-ass.

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We All Feel The Impact

I notice the same with bloggers. Every blog “has” to have steps or tips for the readers because no one has enough time to sort through it. But if we started trying to balance home life with work and personal time, would it not be easier to focus on the things we enjoy (like reading blogs 😉). Wouldn’t it make reading blogs more fun since you could actually read it beginning to end instead of having to scroll down and rush to the tips so you could move on to the next thing on your to do list?
The thing is, as a blogger I don’t always want my blog to have tips and tricks but then I feel guilty because I’m not making my post as “convenient” for you as it could be. Sometimes we learn through other peoples stories and experiences. I want you to know that I appreciate every single one of you. I can’t tell you how much it means to me that you take the time out regularly to read what I have to say. That out of all the things on your to-do list to do today, this found it’s way into your schedule.
I try to make my posts as meaningful as possible. The last thing I want is for someone to read this and when they get to the bottom say to themselves “well that way a waste of time”. I can’t help it. I love telling stories and teaching what I know. But that doesn’t always translate into tips and tricks. Sometimes it’s really just an opportunity for you to learn from my experiences.
Lately I’ve been reading Girl Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis, and shes been reminding me that life is so much more than what we’re making of it. This book full of humor and smart remarks is about the fact that everyone struggles; everyone is human and we’re all just trying to do the best we can.

Why Can't We Say No?

What if you started saying no? No because you have too much going on this week and really just want to have a quiet night in with the family, no because you’re just really exhausted, no because you don’t care about the cause. Who cares what the reason is! Just start assessing all your invites and “obligations” and responding to them based on what your body and energy level is telling you.
If you say yes and attend, will you be fully present anyway? Will you be enjoying every second, truly, or will you be counting down the hours until it’s done and you can rush home to finish your other tasks?
What if we started living life based on what we WANT to do and WANT it to look like versus what people tell us we HAVE to do? Wouldn’t we enjoy life so much more? Wouldn’t we be so much happier?
I’m not saying that turning down invites isn’t hard. In the month of October I had every single weekend booked with social events, and the same goes for November! I have one free weekend open next month and the truth is I’m already cringing. Not because I don’t want to attend (because I do!) But because I’m trying to figure out when I can have me time, or date night, or an overdue coffee date with a friend. I’m looking at my calendar and trying to decide when I should take a day off of work just so I can rest and take a breath. With Christmas quickly approaching, it’s only going to get harder. 
  • Assess the invite (or obligation)
  • Assess how it makes you feel. Is it something that excites you or are you already cringing?
  • What is one thing you really enjoy doing? Would you rather be doing that then accepting this request?
  • What has your schedule looked like lately? Could you use some quiet time?
  • How does your body feel? Are you feeling excited at this opportunity or tension in your back and a tightness in your chest. Listen to the cues from your body. 
I know that life is always busy but I truly feel like we are slowing down a bit. I think we’re realizing that all these expectations we put on ourselves aren’t realistic and we’re tired of burning out. I really do think people out there are trying to create more balance and choosing what they spend their time on and who they spend it with. It’s definitely not easy but I feel like we’re all shifting.
Do you need help assessing? Need a sounding board to bounce the guilt off of (because guilt WILL happen, especially in the beginning). Comment below. I’m here to help 🙂.
With love,
Amanda ❤
Shout out to unsplash-logoYvette Miraflor for this great photo.

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