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July 27, 2018

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Self Care Ideas For Busy People

I’m sure you’ve been told 100 times already how important self care is but let me tell you ONE more time….. Self Care is SUPER important. I’m sure you’ve heard the term “you can’t pour from an empty cup” which basically translates into: you need to take care of yourself and make yourself a priority otherwise you’re never going to have enough energy to take care or help other people (essentially)…. which sounds much better than “always put yourself first”. That just sounds icky to me. 
This is how I visualize the world. I picture those corporate guys in their suits working extra long hours and being an asshole to everyone. They’re not being a dick for fun, they’re being a dick because they’re exhausted and even if they’re TRYING to filter it, you can’t help but pick up on the bags under their eyes, the mood swings, the never ending coffee etc. I mean some people are just douchebags but most people are decent human beings, they’re just too exhausted from daily priorities to put themselves first, which overflows into every aspect of their lives. This leads to unintentional douchebagery. 
Then theres the people who go out of their way for others. Something as simple as holding the door for you or buying a coffee for the person behind them. Someone who always gives you a smile, even if your a complete  stranger. THOSE are the people (in my mind) that aren’t afraid to take care of themselves, and in turn, the good vibes and zen energy flows into every aspect of their lives (which includes you). 
As I write this I’m literally soaking in an Epsom salt bath, drinking a Tim Hortons Steeped tea (my favourite!) And have a salt lamp and essential oil diffuser on in the background. I know I know, working while relaxing kinda defeats the purpose, but I really needed to get this out!!
The energy these past few days plus the high stress season at work have both been kicking my ass (btw August energy forecast coming soon!). Its important for me (and you!) to recognize when alone time is needed. No one wants to walk around, or be around  someone, who feels like a ticking time bomb. 

Incorporating Self Care

Life shouldn’t be this stressful but let’s face it, sometimes it gets a little out of control. So instead of letting it consume you, its important to control the aspects that you can control and just let the rest roll off of you the best you can. You know what you can control? Self care! Even if you’re crazy busy (slow down girl!), ANYONE can I corporate self care into their routines. 
You may not be able to do these every day depending on your schedule but I bet you can incorporate at least one of these once a week

Self Care Ideas


Epsom salt bath – I’m sure you’ve heard that Epsom salt baths are relaxing but do you know the benefits of Epsom salts themselves? Epsom salts increase magnesium levels which is something our body is almost always deficient in. They also reduce water retention and reduces pain and inflammation, along with many other benefits. If you want to see all the really cool benefits of Epsom salts, click here.
{Side Note: if you experience PMS cramps or cramps in your feet, take a look at your magnesium levels, you may be deficient!}.


Take a Long Shower  – Shower time can be so relaxing! Why not take an extra 10 minutes in the shower? It can also be very grounding. Try visualizing the water as white light running down and surrounding your body and protecting your energy field, while feeling the soles of your feet being planted to the shower floor.   


Crystals – The benefits of them are endless. Find a crystal that you resonate with (or try rose quartz or selenite for self care) and carry it around with you. This is probably the easiest self care practice you could adopt. 
Incorporating Self Care

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Meditation – This doesn’t have to be hard or super time consuming. In fact Rebecca Campbell talks about connecting to source in her book Light Is The New Black. She says to rub the palms of your hands together, rest your hands on your lap, palms up. Close your eyes and visualize white light coming down from the sky and engulfing your entire being. She says to hand over all your concerns, worries, stresses etc and to breathe while feeling completely supported by the white light. 


Salt lamp – These have been said to boost energy, help you sleep better, and cleanse the air of toxins along with many other cool things. I mean, if turning on a lamp is good for your health then why not!? Plus it’s actually super relaxing if you’re sitting next to it while journaling 😉


Walk in nature – No phone, no headphones, just quiet. When I used to work in downtown Toronto I would walk to the waterfront and eat my lunch at a picnic table and people watch, and lake watch. I love water but something about watching boats is relaxing and fun for me. Go outside and take in all your surroundings, its grounding and can sometimes give you a new perspective. 
Read a book – Before bed or on the train… And not a work related book!! A book that you’re interested in such as something new you’d like to learn or a fiction novel that you can get lost in. It’s nice to be able to shut off your brain from real life once in a while.

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Mani/pedi – Not always the quietest place to be but it’s definitely nice to be pampered!  


Massage – I’m a huge supporter of getting a massage, I go once a month- NON-NEGOTIABLE. Go enjoy the quiet while having your knots worked out and just feel your body relax on the table. You don’t even need to work out the knots, hot stone massages are super relaxing.  Extra points for going to a spa for a massage and getting a facial too!


Yoga (or exercise in general) – Reconnect with your body while releasing Endorphins and Dopamine, the chemicals in your body that make you feel good. Remember not to push yourself too hard – just because you were able to bench 200 pounds or do yoga for an hour straight last week doesn’t mean you’ll be able to do that again today. Meet your body where it’s at. Remember, this is about self care, not about pushing yourself to new limits. Take care of what you have first. 


Eat healthy foods – Diet is SO important. If you fill your body with shit you’re going to feel like shit. It’s that simple. Being crazy busy doesn’t always make it easy to eat healthy balanced meals but it’s about being aware of your food choices. Bring an apple with you on the way to work as part of your breakfast, or pack some almonds in your bag for when you get hungry later on. It will be much better than going to the vending machine for a snack.  


Deep breathing – Doing this before bed puts you in a relaxed state. Imagine how relaxed you would be if you were to do yoga but without the stretching and shaking muscles and sweating. You’d feel pretty relaxed right? That’s basically what this is. Lay on your back with your eyes closed, take nice deep belly breaths, then just continue to focus on your breathing. It puts the body into a relaxed state which makes this is a great way to fall asleep.  


Swim…or just Float – have you ever noticed how relaxing it is to just float around in water? Granted it’s the best when you’re on a floaty in the ocean with a bellini in your hand but that might not be practical to do every day. If you don’t have a pool, find a local gym that does. They always have time for people to take advantage of the swim lanes, you can just float there, Instant relaxation…. I guess technically  you could do this in the tub too, but a pool just seems more fun 😏  


Chiropractor – Some people find chiropractors to be terrifying, and I get it, I was one of those people….until I started seeing one. No more headaches, terrible posture or low back pain. Your bones are linked to nerves, increased blood and energy flow and balance in the body, which leads to stress relief and a healthier state.  


Take A Day Off – We all need one! Fill your day with things you love to do – reading, working out, going to the movies, going to your favourite restaurant for lunch. Take time to take care of YOU. And don’t wait until you’ve burnt out to do it. 
When you look back at the end of your life are you going to regret zooming around from one place to the other? Or will you reflect and appreciate the time you spent with your loved ones. You can’t be fully present if you don’t take care of yourself in the process. If you’re drained and cranky, even those who love you most will keep their distance, and that’s never fun. 
So go enjoy yourself! Reprioritize your days, take some time for YOU so that you can be there for those you love. 
What’s your favourite way to incorporate self care? Let me know in the comments!

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  • Ashley

    This is awesome. I would love a monthly massage. That would be heavenly! I need to take more baths. I haven’t had one since I had my first son.

    Reply to Ashley
    • Post authorTheIntuitiveWife

      Yesss! They’re both amazing aren’t they!? Maybe in the next few weeks you can schedule a massage then come home to an Epsom salt bath? Take out some Me time. I know if I don’t take time out every few weeks for a massage my body gets sore and I definitely get cranky!

      Reply to TheIntuitiveWife
  • Ashlee

    This is such a great post! I am going to take a lot of these in account and the rest I have in place, so I feel like I’m on the right track.

    Reply to Ashlee
  • Post authorTheIntuitiveWife

    That’s so great to hear Ashlee! A little bit goes such a long way 🙂

    Reply to TheIntuitiveWife

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