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October 23, 2019

The basics of the Root Chakra

Okay so let’s start with the Root Chakra. This is Chakra #1 and is located at the base of your spine. 

Each chakra has their own colour associations (Root chakra = Red) as well as physical manifestations. In English: If your chakra is blocked that will manifest into body pain.

The physical manifestation with the root chakra is low back pain. This can also be a Sacral chakra issue depending on where the pain is, but in most cases root chakra back pain is alllllll the way down on your LOW back…. like tailbone area. 

Each chakra also manifests itself in certain areas of your life. The Root Chakra is associated with:

  • Money Issues
  • Safety
  • Not Feeling Grounded

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The below are super easy ways for you to clear your Chakras. These apply to all chakras, the only things that differ are the exact action / food / sound etc. 

  • Colour
  • Sound
  • Foods
  • Meditation

I can definitely write a more in depth blog post on the Root Chakra so you can know exactly how to tell when it’s blocked but I wanted to make sure that this post at least covered the basics for you. 

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