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September 8, 2018

What To Do If Journaling Isn't Your Thing

I hate Journaling

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You all know that I ADORE journaling. I love to write, edit and get all my thoughts out on paper. If I don’t my life feels like pure chaos. But what if you’re not a writer? What if you totally connect to images instead of words? You can still journal, it’s just in a totally different way! I think I might have found some really great alternatives!

Alternatives To Journaling

So me and my good friend google searched far and wide. There is beyond what I would call a shit ton of articles about how beneficial journaling is, but not a whole lot on what to do if you hate journaling. Although i did find a few interesting hits.
  1. Trello Boards – I’m sure you’ve heard of Trello by now. If you haven’t it’s basically a virtual board. You can create lists and view workflows. I use it to keep track of my blogs (what’s written, what still needs images created, what’s been posted etc). It’s super convenient and Freeee (yay!).  Fran Excell mentions in her blog post how to use Trello Boards and bullet journals as opposed to the typical “pour your soul into a notebook” journaling routine. 

  2. Doodle – A picture is worth a thousand words. Words aren’t your thing? If you’re more of a doodler (is that a word? that sounds weird…) why not grab a notebook and doodle!? Doodle (now I’m just getting carried away, this word is so fun to say!) how you’re feeling today, how your day went or something you’re grateful for. Kaitlyn Wylde suggested interesting ideas such as word collages and doodle books.

  3. Short & Sweet – Miss Madds describes this as being “the easiest, most no-shit way to journal” and I have to say, I think I agree! In the morning she writes out her intention, 3 things you’re looking forward to and 3 personal goals. Then at night you add in the 3 best things that happened that day. 

    {Side Note: I actually tried my own short & sweet version yesterday. I wrote down all the things that I had accomplished that day, big or small, and I felt so much pride and so much more accomplished at the end of the day compared to saying to my self “well I went to work and did a few things around the house”. Um… 1. that’s boring! and 2. Give credit when credit is due, girl!} 

  4. Thought A Day – I thought the “thought a day” suggestion was pretty cool, especially once Melissa posted the picture of what the inside of the notebook looks like. You literally write one thought (4-5 lines) a day. The day and month is already printed in so all you have to do is enter the year and your thought. It’s also a fun way to reflect back on what you wrote on that day last year or the year before.

I know this list isn’t super long so I encourage you to check out the links I provided above since there were some other really creative suggestions. I included not only the ones that resonated with me the most but also the ones I thought you would like the most. 
I wish I had recorded the website but someone had also suggested tweeting something you’re grateful for everyday instead of writing it down in a book. It’s funny how we’re surrounded by technology and social media and there are still some little things that I see or hear and I’m like “huh…that’s such a great idea!”. I guess I’m old fashioned in that aspect. I mean I’ve just started using OneNote at work and it’s been around for like 10 years. 
If journaling isn’t your thing I’d love to know why, and I’d ESPECIALLY love to know if you incorporate some other type of practice into your day instead. 
I’ll be trying my best to get back into my normal blogging routine, so hopefully I’ll have something up for you within the next few days, instead of weeks! 😕
Talk to you soon!
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