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June 8, 2020

How To Tune Into Your Inner Goddess

I recently did a Live in my Facebook Group, The Spiritual Apprentice where we talked about tuning into your inner goddess. I recommend this practice every time you’re feeling stuck, frazzled, overwhelmed and just plain done. When you’re lacking clarity and there’s too much noise, your inner goddess will show you the way.

I share a story about the first time I met my inner goddess (although I call her my inner witch, and you could call yours whatever you like). She shared some tough love with me, but its exactly what I needed.

What I didn’t share in the video is the time that I first met her I had been feeling completely weighed down by life stressors. I could feel her inside of me wailing in agony and desperate to break free of the confines I’d been keeping her in (without even realizing it).

Although she told me what it was that I needed to do to get to where I wanted to be in life, she also shared with me that I need to stop hiding her away. And to be honest, it’s a daily struggle.

Some days I still experience fear. What will happen if i let me inner witch take the wheel? Will I be judged? Will the words make sense? And when i feel that fear, I know it’s because I’m trying to control the end result. Which if you’ve ever heard me talk about manifesting, that’s not something you can ever do.

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I feel like that’s important to share because I feel like a lot of coaches and healers online hide a part of themselves away from their audience. Although it can be hard sometimes, I’d really like to be as honest and transparent with you as possible.


Because when my inner goddess speaks, I must listen.


Some benefits of tuning into your inner goddess are:

  • Clarity. Know your next steps always. Even if you’re afraid.
  • Self-Awareness. Practicing tuning into your inner goddess makes it so much easier to tune into yourself and your intuition, making you more self-aware by default!
  • Empowerment. How AMAZING is it that you literally have LITERALLY all the answers inside of you. You’re a power house woman, own it!
  • Answers / Guidance. Right at your fingertips. All day every day.
  • Support. It might sound strange, but your inner goddess fully supports you. When you’re feeling stuck, it’s nice to know there’s someone you can talk to about your struggles…even if they’re not physically sitting across from you.
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If you’re not a member yet, then I encourage you to join my Free Facebook group, The Spiritual Apprentice. That is where I posted instructions and a mantra for you to connect with your inner goddess whenever you choose to.

I guarantee you your inner goddess, witch, badass, warrior WILL guide you to where you need to be.

If you take the time to connect to your inner goddess I’d love for you to share by either responding to this email or sharing in the group, what your experience was like connecting with her. And if you’re open to it, what she said.

I truly feel this will be a turning point for you and if you would like continued support from a spiritual coach & healer (psst, that’s me! 😏) then I invite you to book a call me. Let’s have a heart to heart and we can discuss what is holding you back and keeping you weighed down in life. You’ve wasted enough time feeling burnt out and spinning your wheels. Now is the time to take action, at this point you’re doing nothing but wasting time. Let’s propel you forward into loving the life of your dreams. The sooner you take action the sooner you can be living the amazing life you’ve been manifesting.


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