Being out of alignment in business
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August 23, 2020

How To Know If You’re Out Of Alignment

Being out of alignment can be tough. It’s a time when as an entrepreneur, everything feels hard. You struggle to attract soulmate clients, to make the sale, to create content, to show up for your clients and your audience. It’s a feeling of constant resistance.


Sound familiar?


This is something I know even more about than I’d like to admit. I’ve quit my business at least 3 times over this resistance, but I didn’t know at the time that it wasn’t because I wasn’t meant to be an entrepreneur, it was because I was out of alignment and energetic shifts needed to happen to release the struggle.


You can fall out of alignment at literally any time. I myself have been vibing high for WEEKS then a few days ago, BAM! Huge levels of resistance. I was once again out of alignment. I used to think you would be out of alignment for a short time until you’ve “fixed it”, but the longer I’m in business the more I realize that we fall out of alignment every time it’s about time to make a shift.

Out of Alignment

We are constantly evolving, constantly upleveling and constantly expanding our awareness. It only makes sense that we have to shed our “old” selves that no longer resonate with where we’re trying to go. And if you create a package, an offering, or a business strategy while you were in that state, it’s not uncommon to need to tweak it to match the new you that you’re stepping in to.


Recently I’ve been feeling called to bust the myths around entrepreneurship. To really shed the light on what happens behind the scenes. It’s been nerve racking and freeing all at the same time.


The fact that we can fall out of alignment on a regular basis isn’t talked about nearly enough, which is why I want to raise my hand and say – Hey, I love my business and everyone I work with, but I fell out of alignment these past few days AND (because I’ve been on a mission to normalize conversations around business struggles) I created a PDF to help you identify when you’re out of alignment and how to move through it.

This week’s video on YouTube is all about being out of alignment, be sure to watch it and if it sounds familiar, you’re definitely not going to want to pass on the opportunity to grab a copy of that free PDF.


Are you feeling out of alignment right now?

Click here to book your free call and let’s discuss the energetic blocks that are keeping you stuck.


Let me know in the comments, where do you feel you are most out of alignment in your business?

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