Cleansing Your Crystals
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May 17, 2018

How To Cleanse Your Crystals

When I first learned about Crystal energy I was pretty intrigued. I didn’t fully understand how a rock could give off energy and alter my mood, my physical ailments or heal me in any way. Some part of me thought this was just another health and wellness gimmick…. But then I tried a Crystal Healing session and was completely blown away.
Before the session started I sat on a massage table with the practitioner and we discussed what’s been going on with me and what my goals were for the healing session. Honestly, it was at least 6 years ago, so I can’t quite remember what it was that I said to her, I probably complained about stress since at the time I was working 2 jobs and going to school. It was a combination of her choosing crystals based on how I had answered my questions and me choosing crystals that I felt drawn to. I had no fricken clue what I was doing. I didn’t know what it meant to be “drawn” to a crystal. So…I picked the pretty ones lol.
Once I laid on the table, the practitioner started laying crystals on and around me while I relaxed and started listening to the gentle music that was playing in the background. I’ll admit, I was feeling a little weird. How did I get myself into this position? Is this even going to work? The practitioner must have chosen a kick-ass calming stone because before I knew it, I had been able to completely shut off my brain. No more asking asking myself a million questions or running through my to-do list in my head. It was peaceful.
With my brain temporarily out of commission, I was able to tune into my body. I could seriously feel the energy swirling around me, it felt like part of it was even going through me. I was blown away. In that moment, I understood how “a rock” could give off energy. There was even a crystal resting on my Third Eye Chakra, and I remember asking the practitioner to remove or adjust it, the energy emanating off of it was just too intense for me, it was starting to become almost painful. Needless to say, I became a believer.

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Of course that meant I now had to go buy my own crystals! (Which my non-believer husband just lovvvvved as I’m sure you can imagine 😉 ). I had a ton of fun going around to different metaphysical stores and choosing crystals that I was drawn to (aka one’s that were pretty). Something I found interesting was in one of the stores I went to, which I dragged my husband to, he started reading the descriptions and became pretty interested. Before I knew it, he ended up buying more crystals than I did!
Every once in a while I’ll find one of his crystals under his pillow or on his nightstand, but other than that they don’t get used by him and I just conveniently add it to my own little collection (What’s his is mine right?). Since playing around with crystals I’ve been able to research and experience certain things. One of the things I found online that apparently struck a cord was Cleansing of the crystals.

It turns out there are 2 schools of thought when it comes to Crystal Cleansing.

  1. We don’t need to cleanse crystals because they are vibrating at a pure frequency; they are perfect as is.
  2. Crystals must be cleansed regularly to enable them to continue to vibrate and a high and pure frequency.
I guess I could see both sides of it, but I tend to gravitate towards the second school of thought. Partially because I can envision my crystals getting a little exhausted and “dusty” or worn out. And partially because I’ve experienced the difference between using a cleansed crystal and a “tired” crystal. I tend to notice (usually) when my crystals need to be cleansed. Like I mentioned in my previous post “How I Brought More Money Into Our Home… using Feng Shui and Crystals“, money started flowing in after I cleansed my crystals.

Here are the most common ways to cleanse your crystals. 

  • The Breath Method – Hold you crystal in one hand and cup your other hand around it. Inhale while thinking of your intention, then when you exhale, keep that intention in your mind. Forcefully exhale on to the crystal. It’s almost as if you’re blowing out a bunch of candles on a birthday cake, but instead your focusing your breath on your crystal. I found people tried to say this only works if you hold the crystal in you dominant hand. I believe in the power of intention…and I don’t like rules. Doing it this way has worked just fine for me. 
  • Burn a smudge stick or incense and run the crystal slowly through the smoke.
  • Run them under cold water. Keep in mind you can only do this with polished stones. Some say to only do this with spring water, but again, rules. My tap water has been working just fine for me.
  • The Sun and the Moon – This is probably the easiest way for me to cleanse my crystals because I can just set it and forget it. Lay your crystals out on a window sill so they can absorb the energy of the sun (or the moon if it’s at night). The next day you’ll have fully energized stones. I’ve noticed some people love to go put their stones in the soil for a few hours. I’m all about getting down and dirty but, I’d rather keep that dirt outside instead of bringing dirty crystals in my house. I’m not quite sure I understand what the ground can do that the sun, moon or water can’t.
Do what feels right to you! You can try one (or all) of the suggestions above, or try your own method. Regardless, I’d love to know what method you tried and how it worked for you!

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