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May 7, 2018

How I Brought More Money Into Our Home… using Feng Shui and Crystals

I don’t really follow Feng Shui, but I do believe it’s real. I believe there is an energy to everything and a flow. There are some things however, that I don’t agree with, like how having a red front door is bad. I never had and never plan to have a red front door, it’s just not my style. I just don’t understand how a color can be bad luck. So just like everything else, I pick and choose what I believe based on what resonates with me.

A few months ago I saw an article online about Feng Shui (I wish I would have saved it so I could share it with you). It had mentioned the money / prosperity corner of your home. Who doesn’t want to increase their cash flow? Exactly. So I kept reading. It had suggested that you put Money Crystals in that corner and I figured, I’m basically busting at the seams with all of my crystals, so why not put them to work? I grabbed my Malachite, Pyrite (it looks like a little gold nugget!) and my Green Aventurine…… and gently placed them in the prosperity corner of my home. {I’m pretty sure those were the crystals I grabbed. I’ll double check and update if I’m wrong}

Normally I do random things like this throughout the house and don’t mention it to my husband, but since we hadn’t finished our built-in yet, it meant the crystals would have to be on the floor. Having 3 crystals laying around kinda draws attention so I figured I’d bring hubby up to speed. Of course, he laughed at me (I’d expect nothing less) but within a week I was the one laughing.

BTW: The prosperity corner of your home is the far left corner. I imagined I was walking into my home and found the far left corner from there. This way my front door was behind me.

I’m not even kidding you, within 4 days we got an unexpected check in the mail. I used to read about things like that happening to people and I used to always think to myself “how come I never get any random checks in the mail?”. This time it happened! {Side note: I was slightly annoyed that the check came in my husbands name…you know…the non-believer? But hey, whatever. Be grateful and move on.}. I called my husband and laughed at HIM for not believing. Now he’s hooked lol.

In fact, a few weeks ago he said to me that we haven’t had money come in for a while and how I should cleanse my crystals. I completely forgot they were still there! So I cleansed them and put them back in the corner. THE SAME WEEK we got another check in the mail! No joke…. and once again it was in my husbands name! UGH! Lol

Since putting the crystals in that corner we’ve had:

  • 2 checks come in
  • Found money on the floor
  • I’ve gotten a better job offer

and we were able to scrounge up enough money to not only go on two mini vacations but to buy my husband a replacement car. I’m by no means swimming in cash right now, not even close. But it sure has been fun to see what little surprises have been coming my way!

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