Intuition, Fear, Ego
May 7, 2020

How Can You Trust Your Intuition?

Do you know the difference between your intuition and fear / ego?

It’s not always easy to decipher! But this has been my tried and true method of figuring out what it is that’s coming forward – I ask.

Sounds simple right?

The voice of your intuition is always kind and loving, never rushed, mean or dominating in any way. It can be REALLY hard sometimes when you’re in the thick of it to take a step back and really observe the thoughts that are running through your head

So I ask myself “what is the tone of this conversation and how is it making me feel?”. If it’s adding to my anxiety and there’s a serious sense of urgency, it is most definitely my fear and/or ego that is calling the shots. But if I’m feeling supported, secure and at peace then you guessed it, that’s my intuition.

I was recently a guest on Found Family Podcast where we chatted all about Intuition – What is it, where does it come from, can it impact our mental health… There were even some pretty vulnerable stories shared that touched on depression, anxiety, pushing our intuition away and spirituality as a whole.

We recorded it in both audio and video form, so be sure to check it out below 

Seriously, I’ve already started getting messages in my inbox from people who have watched it and found it beneficial.


Developing you intuition helps you to easily tune into yourself and stay in alignment; to

live your soul purpose.


Regardless of whether or not you’ve developed your intuition, we all have times that we feel stuck in life. If you’re feeling stuck, head on over to my Facebook group The Spiritual Apprentice. I’ll be in there live TODAY at 4:30 EST to talk about being Stuck – why it happens and what to do about it.


I hope to see you there!


Can’t make it there live? No problem! You’re still more than welcome to join the group and join the conversation. 


Facebook isn’t your thing? Then maybe you’ll find some inspiration from this podcast episode I posted last year around what to do when you’re feeling stuck

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