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November 3, 2019

Balancing My Chakras Brought me $3,000!

Our chakras are little energy spirals throughout our body. Our Root chakra is located at the base of our spine, and like all chakras, when blocked can impact our day to day lives.
I’d been feeling weighed down for a while, so decided to balance my own chakras. This is something in trained in but rarely find time to do on myself 😓
Our root chakra is related to feeling grounded (or rooted) in life as well as money issues. Most people with a blocked Root chakra face debt issues and find themselves living paycheck to paycheck.
I didn’t balance my chakras for the sole purpose of wanting to bring more money in… but let’s face it, having random amounts of money find it’s way to you, never hurts.
Honestly money wasn’t even on my mind. I just had the intention of feeling lighter. Feeling well again. My body felt like sludge and I was tired of lugging the extra ‘weight’ around.
So 4 days later when I got a call from my boss telling me they were raising my base salary by $3000, I was in complete shock.
Increase income by clearing your enery

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It seriously took 24 hours after that call to connect the two. To remember that I had cleared out the stagnant energy from my root chakra to make room for new exciting opportunities.
Out with the old, in with the  new.
What I found odd was that my boss told me not everyone on the team was getting a boost in salary AND that this boost was separate from the increase I’d be getting in a months’ time from my year end performance review.
I’ve heard stories. I’ve had people message me after I balanced their chakras and tell me how within 1 to 2 days they’d received an unexpected cheque in the mail.
But an extra $3000 with more on the way!?

The Benefits of Chakra Clearing

This experience was a good reminder for me. A reminder that everything is connected.
A reminder just how much blocked chakras can affect our lives. A reminder that if you ask the Universe, and trust, that it will provide…. I didn’t exactly ask for $3000 but I DID ask for more money to be coming in.
‘They’ always talk about being in the right vibration.
When I think of ‘raising my vibe’ I get this odd visual of all the cells in my body buzzing. The higher my vibration, the more these cells bounce and dance around.
And when I think of foolproof ways to raise my vibe and make my cells dance around, I think of journaling, showing gratitude, and tapping.  But many people fail to mention how important our overall energy really is. They act as if raising your vibe changes everything.
…..and it does. But is it enough?
If our vibration is high but our energetic ‘shell’ is blocked, aren’t we stopping ourselves from giving and receiving even more?
Remember that alien body from the X-Files show all those years ago? Pretend for a second that alien body is your body. Now picture an aura around it.
If your alien body is ‘high vibe’ but your chakras /energy field / Aura is blocked and weighed down, how does the good vibrations (queue The Beach Boys song) leave your body and make it’s way out into the universe?
I’m not saying it can’t happen, because it does, especially with everything being based on the power of intention. But doesn’t it seem so much harder now that you’re picturing the alien body with a blocked energy field around it acting as a barricade?
I guess what I’m trying to say is that we could be doing more to manifest and receive all that we desire.
If you’re working on gratitude and journaling and keeping your vibe high, then in proud of you! Keep up the good work!
But if your manifesting doesn’t seem to be working, maybe your chakras / energy field / aura is too weighed down and needs to be cleared out.
The good news is, energy clearing is easy to do.
The bad news is, it takes regular maintenance. Just like how your car needs regular oil changes, our bodies also need regular tune ups as well.
You can go to a healer who can balance your chakras (either in person or online).
If you’re considering getting an online / distance Chakra clearing then be sure to head over to to book your session. Because the healing is a distance healing, you dont actually need to be present (even though the program I use forces you to book an ‘appointment’). You can keep on going along with your day as if nothing is happening and it will still be just as effective.
If you’d like to go the in person route, I’d suggest having a quick meet and greet with your healer before your session (assuming of course you’ve never met them before). We’re all energy and if you meet someone and immediately have a bad feeling, you may not want them working on you. Sometimes doing so will just make the situation worse.
OR if you feel confident in tackling it on your own, you can balance your own chakras. It’s pretty easy to do.
I’ve created a free video series over on YouTube to give you brief descriptions of each chakra as well as tips to clear them on your own, so be sure to check those out.
Have you ever had any crazy experiences during or shortly after having your chakras balanced? I’d love to know your experience in the comments below!
Have any questions? Feel free to comment. Or you can head over to my free Facebook group The Spiritual Apprentice where we regularly talk about topics like chakras, manifesting, Crystals and Intuition.

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