How are past lives impacting your business?
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August 16, 2020

Is Your Business Being Affected By Your Past Lives?

About a year and a half ago, I took the plunge and took a course to
become a Past Life Regression facilitator. I knew deep deep down that Past Lives was
something I needed to explore both personally and professionally.


I’m beyond intrigued by Past Lives and to say I love talking about them is an understatement. I love being able to piece together how a previous experience is affecting decisions, actions, etc today.


It’s pretty common for someone to compare experiences from their past life to their existing life and realize why they’re struggling with their relationship, the money, their confidence (the list goes on and on) BUT how often have you considered the fact that your Past lives can also affect your BUSINESS?

Let’s face it, no matter how hard you may try to avoid it, your personal life and your business always intertwine. So if a past life is affecting your confidence (for example) in this life, doesn’t it make sense that it will also affect your confidence in your business as well?

Good! Because that’s what this blog post is all about!

I’ve created a video on how past lives may be impacting your business today and in that video I touch on how past lives can impact your Visibility and your Income.

If reading isn’t your thing, keep scrolling down to catch the video. Otherwise, I’ll quickly summarize…

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Let's summarize shall we?

Let’s pretend you were a witch in a past life (we all know how that story ends) which most likely means you were judged and accused for being intuitive, “different”, having gifts, trusting in your abilities, understanding that nature heals etc.

Because our souls remember what happened to us in every single lifetime before, it makes sense that in this life you would experience fear around the same kind of thing. Maybe you’re a psychic and you’re terrified to announce it on Facebook, only you’re closest friends and family know the truth.

Maybe you’re very intuitive but try to shut that part of you out because deep down you’re afraid you will once again be judged and ridiculed for being different.

When that fear exists in your body, it causes you to hold back and therefore, you don’t fully step into your power and become super visible in your business. (By the way I’m in the middle of organizing a free workshop around conquering fears around visibility, so if that’s something you want in on, make sure you join my email list at the bottom of the page to be the first to get the details on that)

And when you’re not visible in your business… well it’s pretty difficult for potential clients to not only find you but pay you. And we all know that money is what keeps us all in business.

Speaking of money, past lives can impact our money in this life as well. Whether it’s our views around money, our mindset, our ability to have a steady income.

An example I used in the video was if you were homeless in a past life and the only way you could eat was when you came across money, it makes sense that in this life you are super cautious around spending. That could be why you’re terrified of investing in a coach, an online program, a VA, or just investing in yourself in general.

Your body is telling you it’s unsafe to spend money on anything that isn’t literally life or death. And when you have that kind of mindset around money, you literally repel it. If you caught my recent Instagram story then you may remember me sharing the fact that money is energy. This means whatever you believe, whatever you think, will become your reality.

It’s no different than thinking “I’m going to get fired” 50x a day every day. Guess what? You’re going to get fired. So if you’re focused on Money and how it’s unsafe, or you never have enough of it, or WHATEVER, guess what’s going to happen?

How Do You Resolve It?

Honestly, in my experience, the best way to move through these blocks caused by your past lives, is to dive into your past lives for more awareness and to heal those “trauma’s”.

That’s exactly why I put so much focus on Past Lives and energy in my 1:1 packages.

And yeah, of course, you can spend a bunch of time trying to find a decent past life regression meditation on YouTube, but I honestly haven’t found one that even comes CLOSE to working with a facilitator.

So you do you. If you want to continue to struggle and try to work through your blocks on your own, then by all means, go for it. I’ll cheer you on from over here. But if you ready to kick that shit to curb, identify the blocks, understand how to work through them and get crystal clear clarity on next steps, well then you might want to consider working with me 1:1.

There are always 2 choices.

Spend a whole lot of time trying to figure it out on your own OR investing in some support to get it done in at least half the time (in this case, 60 days to be exact).

Which option will you choose?

If you’ve made it this far, I’m pretty proud of you. What I just mentioned above was a pretty high level summary, so definitely check out the video for some extra examples. Let me know in the comments, do you think you have a block from a past life that is impacting your business today?

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