How to develop Intuition
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September 20, 2020

3 Tips to Develop Your Intuition

Okay so you know that intuition exists and you’re intrigued. You’re feeling the pull to develop your intuition but you’re not sure where to start. Well good news, you’re in the right place. In this blog post I’ll be giving you 3 easy tips to help you develop your intuition 

If you’ve been following me for a while then you’re probably not surprised that I’m talking about Intuition or Intuitive Development. If you’re new to me then let me tell you, developing my intuition basically changed my life.   And when I finally stopped resisting it and started to focus on strengthening it, that’s when things got really fun.

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How To Develop Intuition

  1. Intuitive Development Class

    Okay so this one may seem obvious, but it never occurred to me to look for a class or course when I was first starting out… mostly because I didn’t know what the hell I was doing. 

    There are a few different ways you can do this depending on how you prefer to learn and your budget.

    Whether you want to attend a class in person (or online due to covid), purchase a course directly from the creator, purchase from Udemy or another online platform, or spend some time finding free Facebook groups (there are SO many around intuition and intuitive development!

    I’d also suggest doing some research and comparing some courses, just to make sure you’re purchasing from a reputable source and aren’t disappointed with the content.

    Of course if you want to binge watch my videos about Intuition, that works too. 

  2. Crystals

    No judgement if this doesn’t apply to you, but I kinda feel like everyone I know has at least one crystal nowadays. If you don’t have one, you can grab them for pretty cheap from your local metaphysical shop. Using crystals is a great way to not only tune into your bosy but also to tune into something outside of yourself

    Here’s how I suggest using Crystals to help you develop your intuition: 

    Grab a crystal of your choice, hold it in one hand and close your eyes…

  • What do you feel?
  • Is your hand tingling?
  • Has your mood changed?
  • Has any tension in your body decreased? Or maybe it’s increased
  • Are you feeling calmer or maybe more anxious?


I do have both a video and a free PDF on which Crystals will help you develop your intuition. 

3. Tarot & Oracle Cards

I definitely had to mention this one because for me, this was what really heightened my intuitive abilities

I’ve done a few videos on Oracle and Tarot cards so I won’t dive too deep into it here but essentially whether you’re doing a spread or pulling a single card, you ask your question and rely on the imagery of the card and your intuition to translate the meaning or answer to your question.

I know it’s tempting to immediately reach for the guidebook to understand the cards meaning but really try not to! 

Hopefully by now I’ve convinced you how easy it can be to develop your intuition but if you’re looking to really hone in on your clairs, then I do have an Intuitive development workbook that explains each clair, provides exercises for you to tune into and develop each clair and journal prompts to really help you to become more aware of your gifts.

This workbook really helps you to tune into yourself, quiet your mind and tune into your intuition. If you don’t know how it feels or how it communicates with you, how are you going to be able to trust it?


Well those are my top 3 tips to help you develop your intuition, and the good news is, a lot of it is either free or pretty low cost depending on how you want to approach it. If you’re not already, make sure you’re subscribed to my Youtube channel so you can be notified of future videos just like this one 🙂 

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