How you're repelling clients in your business
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July 21, 2020

3 Reasons You Don’t Have Clients

I’ve been there. So few clients, so little money, so much hustle. Do you feel like you’re repelling clients? Well, that might actually be the case. Keep reading to find out why. 

Being an entrepreneur is not a walk in the park, especially if you’re in the early stages. You’re:

  • Trying to gain traction
  • Trying to find your footing
  • Trying to get clear on your messaging
  • Trying to stand out in the online space — it’s intimidating

But just because it was a struggle in the beginning, doesn’t mean it needs to keep being that hard! I explain more about why you’re still facing the same challenges in your business 2+ years in than you did when you first started so be sure to watch the video below. 


This video only covers 3 of the main reasons, but if you are in my Facebook group, The Spiritual Apprentice, then you know there are way more than 3. I went much more in dept into 5 reasons in a recent Facebook live. Be sure to join my Facebook group if you want more in depth information. 

If you resonate with this and you want to find out what you need to shift in order step out of the Poverty Princess energy and into the goddess who attracts clients and money easily, book in for a free, no obligation call with me. In the call you will learn the 3 key shifts you need to make in order to start attracting your dream clients quickly and easily. CLICK HERE to release the struggle and start building the spiritual business you’ve been dreaming of. 


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