Stop Playing Small
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October 4, 2020

3 Hacks To Stop Playing Small In Your Business

You’re pushing hard in your business and not quite sure why you’re not getting the results you’re working towards. Have you considered it’s because you’re actually playing small in your business and you just haven’t realized it?

What Does It Mean To Play Small?

My definition of playing small means that you’re hiding or holding yourself back in some way. You might not even realize you’re doing this. It could be related to fear or a limiting belief, but whatever the cause is, you’re not showing up as the best version of yourself.

For example: When I first started coaching I was working with entrepreneurs and their blocked Chakras. After years of struggling to build a steady 1:1 healing client base, I “determined” it was “weird” to talk about Chakras. So, I only grazed the surface when I talked about Chakras and my main focus was the root Chakra only. How can I best serve my audience if I’m only giving them part of the information because I’m afraid of them judging me? I was playing small

So I encourage you to get honest with yourself and ask yourself how you’re playing small in your business. Where are you holding yourself back and why? What are you feeling pulled to talk about in your content but you’re ignoring?

How Do I Stop Playing Small?

  1. Feel The Fear and Do it anyways

Being afraid in business is probably one of the most normal things ever. I talk more about this more here in one of my Real Talk videos

Essentially, once you lean into the fear, understand that it’s there to try and protect you, then push through it. Often the stories we create in our head about the worst case scenario are nowhere close to being reality

Fear will keep you small and stuck in your business for years if you let it

  • EXERCISE: Try writing down all the things that scare you in your business. Then take an honest look at them. Are they ACTUALLY something to be afraid of? Do they all have the same root cause? (example are they all related to fear of being seen?)


    2. Accept Judgement

It’s time to accept the fact that people are going to judge you, no matter what you do. The one’s that judge you and are negative in your comments, aren’t your ideal clients and don’t really matter anyway.

If you post too often, don’t post often enough. If you swear or not, if you use black and white images or bold and bright. Not matter what you do, someone somewhere is going to judge you, so you might as well have fun in the process and be yourself.

Also, a lot of people are so focused on their own lives that they don’t really notice other people, so people aren’t judging you nearly as much as you think they are.

They’re not sitting there staring at the screen, constantly refreshing, just waiting for you to post so they can dig into you… and if they are, well then they need to be blocked and they should probably seek professional help.


3. Break The Rules!

I know, it’s contrary to everything we were taught growing up, but it’s true… I mean you’re already “breaking the rules” by being an entrepreneur right?

There is an obscene amount of coaches, experts and guru’s out there and they all have their own method. Whatever has worked for them is what they teach, and a lot of it sounds like this

      • Consistency
      • Be on every platform known to man
      • Give away as much free shit as you can
      • Create a funnel
      • Have multiple pricing tiers
      • Create a digital product

sound familiar?

I’m not saying it’s not good advice but don’t be afraid to break the rules and experiment on your own. If you’re feeling extra sassy today and you want to drop a few F bombs in your post, then go for it. Who is going to stop you?

You became an entrepreneur because you didn’t want to be shoved in a box of working 9-5, 2 or 3 weeks vacation, sitting in a cubicle and being told what to do for 40 years of your life… why would you allow yourself to be shoved into an “entrepreneurial box”? Same mindset, different box.

Breaking the rules allows you to test the waters and see what works for you, and not only in terms of analytics but what works for you as an individual. Are you completely in love with a certain style of post or a certain photographer and you want to fill your Instagram feed with their photos? Go for it.

Are you realizing that getting up at 4am to journal, do yoga and meditate before making breakfast for the kids is just too draining and you’re ready for bed by 11am? Then don’t do it! Find another routine, one that actually works for you.

Just because someone on Youtube or Facebook, or Instagram said “you should do this” does not actually mean you need to do this.

When I started I worked so hard to follow the rules.

      • Well this person said I should do it like this
      • This person said I shouldn’t swear because it’s unlady like and unprofessional… guess what? I like being unlady like and if I wanted to be considered professional, I’d be climbing the corporate ladder.

Make your own rules as you go along. To be honest, that’s pretty much what we all do anyway. YOLO.

If you’re trying these 3 hacks and still find you’re playing small, then I encourage you to grab a copy of my Soul Alignment Road Map. This Road Map talks about what it means to be out of alignment and how to overcome it. In my experience, I found I had the hardest time to get over playing small, when I wasn’t in complete alignment with my business and my purpose. Want a little extra help right off the bat? Then book a call with me and let’s have a chat about your business, your struggles and how we can work together to kick them to the curb! 

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